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Moon Lee, Malaysian

A doll lover who wanted to turn her designs and drawings into something tangible, especially after breathing life into the characters in her animated works. My favourite subject are girls, I loved to draw them and make doll out of them. Each and everyone of them is brimming with a unique blend of personality and story. Just like how they were made, a mixture of constantly evolving techniques and varying materials. 
When I was a child, I'd imagine playing happily with the "little people" around me. This could be one reason why I loved making dolls, which is also what I hope my "little people" could do for others, to bring about joy, happiness and companionship. 


Founded on 2010, Little Poupees Studio started with needle felting dolls as our main product, then ventured into providing services for character design and 2D animation, and has now graduated to handmade clay doll. We will continue to strive for improvement and growth. 
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