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OliGal-Dino Pre-order April 2024

OliGal-Dino Pre-order April 2024


Size : 10cm

Material : resin / magnet / felt 


***It’s comes with 2 accessories on the head - horn


***It’s come with a green dino hoodie


***The body joint with magnet , and you can turn it around


***It's hand paint and handmade, it will be ship out on JUNE 2024 ( will ship early if it’s ready)

***For Taiwan collectors can pick up at Adventure Festa at songshan SCCP Taipei or Taoyuan
***台灣的朋友可以在6月1-2號的Adventure Festa松山文創區/8-9號桃園的玩具品味展取貨

Sorry, we NOT offer refund for damage and lost item (shipping problem) because it's out of our control after we sent out the item. Hope that you can unterstand for this.

But do contact us if you have any problem with your order :

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